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Golden West Region
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2017 Spring Conference Resources
 Conference Actions Presentation & Workshop Materials

Business Session Actions

Nominating Committee 2017-2019

The following members were elected to serve on the GWR 2017-2019 Nominating Committee: 
District 1: Donna Young- SI Chino Valley
District 2: Diane (Dee) Foster- SI Twentyninepalms
District 3: Mary Ann Smith- SI Winslow
District 4: Frances Armenta- SI San Tans
DONA Alice Wells- SI the Kachinas
was appointed to serve as the 2017-2019 Nominating Committee Coordinator by Governor Penny Babb


District 4 Director

Paula Adkins- SI Phoenix
was elected District 4 Director for the remaining 2016-2018 Biennium

GWR Budget 2017-2018


The 2017-2018 Proposed Budget was adopted as presented.



Conference Photographs and Videos

Visit the GWR Facebook Page to see photos from the 2017 Golden West Region Spring Conference.

Slides, Scripts & Handouts


2017 Summit Program

Governor Penny Babb:  Soroptimist Summit Introduction
Dick Foreman:  Arizona Business & Education Coalition

Angela Mussi:  First Things First
Rick Nickel:    Advancing the Economy Through Attainment
Soroptimist Summit Summary:
         Text Summary

        Voice Recorded Summary


2017 Spring Conference Program

Live Your Dream 2017 Program

Governor Penny Babb: Conference Scripts
         Opening Session Comments
         Encourage All Leaders-2nd Business Session
         Seasoned Member Recognition
         Closing Session Comments

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Antoinette Farmer-Thompson
Access to Education
         Building Access to Education: Resource Guide

SIA Official Visitor Dona Gaddis Wolf:
What If . .  (Script)
            access link under 2nd bullet of "
Information for 2017
            Official Visits" (Slides)

Celebration of Life  (Video)

DONA Vicki Peña Memorial  (Video)

Vanessa Liesen:
Fundraising-Dream Jars

Club Awards  (Slides)

GWR 2018 Spring Conference Intro   (Video)


Is Your Club Living the Dream (Programs)?  (Melissa Watson)
     Is Your Club Living The Dream Programs  (Slides)  
     Is Your Club Living The Dream Programs  (Script)

"Mini Me" Dream It, Be It Session (Karen Saelens/Betsy Kreger)
Mini Me Dream It Be It Session  (Slides)
       DIBI Process  (Handout)
       DIBI Work Value Inventory  (Handout)

Member Mission Possible (Paula Adkins)

How to Capture the Elusive Millennial (Mandy Mann/Margie Burke)
       How to Capture the Elusive Millennial  (Agenda)
       How to Capture the Elusive Millenial  (Handout)

Using Technology to Seize Your Goals (Mary Barnett)
       Using Technology to Seize Your Goals   (Slides)
       Mobile Mary Offer  

SI (Secret Intelligence) to Running Strong Clubs (Laurie Moses/Rene Meyers)
SI to Running a STRONG Club-PPT  (Slides)
       SI to Running a STRONG Club Script  (Script)
       Workshop Handout 
       Blank Yearly Calendar 
       Blank Strategic Plan 

What Happens When You DON'T Accept the Mission (Vanessa Liesen/Margie Burke)
What Happens When You Don't Accept the Mission-Skit
        What Happens When You Don't Accept the Mission-Skit Q&A