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Soroptimist International of the Americas
A global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment
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Leadership Development

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GWR Resources

Presentations From Leadership Training Retreat: July 2018
Strategic Plan Worksheet
Brainstorming Idea Rankings
Worksheet for completing the Healthy Club Survey
2018-2019 GWR Club Officers Checklist
GWR Website Cheat Sheet July 2018

Presentations From Leadership Training Retreat: August 2017

Governor Penny Babb's Presentations:
  One Mission (PowerPoint)
  One Mission (Script)
  Club Reporting (PowerPoint)
  Club Reporting (Script)

Workshop Breakouts (District Directors)
President's Workshop (PowerPoint)
President's Workshop (Script)
2016-2018 Reporting - Healthy Clubs

Membership (Kimberly LaPrade)
Member Mission Possible (PowerPoint)

Fundraising (Vanessa Liessen)
S.E.A.S. (PowerPoint)
10 Reasons to Give 10% (PowerPoint)

Public Awareness (Linda Poindexter)
Social Media Best Practices (PowerPoint)

Programs (Melissa Watson)
Living the Dream Programs (PowerPoint)

Presentations From Leadership Training Retreat: August 2016
President's Breakout Presentation
All Other Leaders Breakout
Iceberg is Melting Presentation
Leading Women- The Art of Leading Women to Shine
Lighthouse Leadership
The AAA Way to Fundraising Success
Disappearing Chairs- Teamwork Activity
Broken Squares Teamwork Support Activity

Other Leadership Development Presentations