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Golden West Region
2024 Spring Conference Resources
 Conference Actions Presentation & Workshop Materials

Business Session Actions

GWR Finance Committee Reports

Finance Committee Report presented by GWR Finance Committee Chair DONA Gloria Hill  

GWR Proposed Budget 2024-2025 was adopted as presented.


GWR Nominating Committee Report
The following members were elected to serve on the GWT 2024-2026 Board of Directors:
      Governor-Elect:  Pat Box
      Secretary:  Debra Murphy
      Treasurer:  Samantha Dewing
      District 1 Director:  Tori Zins
      District 2 Director:  Charlie Van Cleve
      District 3 Director:  Sharon Bay
      District 4 Director: Laura Pauli

GWR 2024 Spring Conference Official Program

GWR 2024 Spring Conference Official Minutes

Spring Conference 2024 Photo Album  


Slides, Scripts & Handouts



The Role of SIA's Board of Directors-Strategic vs Working Boards
presented by Official Visitor SIA President-Elect Dr. Gloria Ginger Cole (SI Los Angeles)   

Keynote: Reaching New Heights

presented by Official Visitor SIA President-Elect Dr. Gloria Ginger Cole (SI Los Angeles)   

Keynote: Hushabye Nursery
presented by Shauna Anderson, Director of Outreach and Community Education, Hushabye Nursery

Conflict Management
presented by Michelle Burnett, SIA Executive Director/CEO
Slides  Script (coming soon)

Lugari Girls Leadership and Mentoring Training Program

presented by Lola Abrahamian Governor Camino Real Region 2022-2024
Slides   Script (coming soon)

Fundraising Pillar Presentation: Guiding Stars
presented by GWR Fundraising Co-Pillar Linda Poindexter (SI Yucca Valley)

Membership Pillar Presentation: Transitioning from a Transactional to Engaging Membership Model
presented by Membership Pillar DONA Reed (SI Phoenix)

Program Pillar Presentation: Big Goal Accelerator Projects Deep Dive
presented by Program Pillar Laura Pauli (SI Desert Tucson)  

Public Awareness Pillar Presentation: Elevate your Club Events to New Heights-Marketing Tips
presented by  Program Pillar Janet Brydon (SI Las Cruces)

Saturday Lunch Slide Show- Flash back of 2020-2021 and 100 Years Celebration

Live Your Dream Award Celebration 

presented by LYDA Coordinator Esther Devall (SI Las Cruces) and Program Pillar Laura Pauli (SI Desert Tucson)
Region Finalists
Live your Dream Award Program Script

Panel Discussion: Stepping Up to Leadership-Poolside Chat with DAME and DIVA
Moderated by Program Pillar Laura Pauli (SI Desert Tucson); panelists

Upcoming Meetings & Conferences

presented by Governor-elect Liz Glowka (SI Palm Springs)  


Seasoned Members Presentation
presented by Secretary Pat Box (SI Moreno Valley)
Celebration of Life
Presented by District 2 Director Charlie Van Cleve (SI Big Bear Valley)   

GWR Dream Makers Recognition

(as of 3/1/2024)   


Secrets Revealed-What New Members Want From Their Membership
presented by Membership Pillar DOÑA Lori Reed (SI Phoenix)

Unlock the Leader Within
presented by DOÑA Karen Haughey (SI Chino Valley)
Slides    Script

Create a Compelling Social Media Presence
presented by GWR Public Awareness Pillar Janet Brydon (SI Las Cruces)

Interactive Tutorial on the Basics of Canva-Club Express-Quickbooks
presented by District 1 Director Tori Zins (SI Chino Hills/Inland Empire; Secretary Pat Box (SI Moreno Valley); and Treasurer Samantha Dewing (SI Palm Springs)
Self-paced Tutorial of the GWR Website Resources

5 Keys to Successful Fundraising

presented by GWR Fundraising Pillars Linda Poindexter (SI Yucca Valley) and Debra Murphy (SI Corona)

SI and the UN
Presented by Governor-Elect Liz Glowka (SI Palm Springs)
Slides  Script
Handouts: SI and the UN Worksheet; Sustainable Development Goals Snapshot; The CEDAW Treaty; The UN Centers

The ABCs of Succession Planning   
presented by Official Visitor SIA President-Elect Dr. Gloria Ginger Cole (SI Los Angeles) 
Pass the Baton Booklet    Talking Point Cards