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Golden West Region
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2015 Spring Conference Resources  
 Conference Actions  Presentation & Workshop Materials

Business Session Actions

Nominating Committee 2015-2017

The following members were elected to serve on the GWR 2015-2017 Nominating Committee: 
District 1: Ginny Durand - SI Rim of the World
District 2: Dee Foster - SI Twentynine Palms
District 3: Vanessa Liesen - SI Lake Havasu City
District 4: Judy Register - SI San Tans
DONA Judy Harris-Rogers - SI Lake Havasu City
was appointed to serve as the 2015-2017 Nominating Committee Coordinator by Governor Sandi Cverkco 



GWR Budget 2015-2016


The Proposed Budget 2015-2016 PDF was adopted as presented.




Conference Photographs

Visit the GWR Facebook Page to see photos from the 2015 Golden West Region Spring Conference.

Slides, Scripts & Handouts

Keynote Presentation-Dr. Monica Green
Friday, June 5, 2015
Best Idea Lunch - Penny Babb
Saturday, June 6, 2015
Live Your Dream Awards Banquet - Dr. Maria Hopkins
Saturday, June 6, 2015

Let's Talk About Fundraising (Kimberly Cook)
Coming soon!
Let's Talk About Membership (Lori Oliver)
Let's Talk About Programs (Carol Duncan)
Let's Talk About Public Awareness (Pam Field)
Coming soon!
Live Your Dream Beyond the Cash Award (Maria Hopkins)
Making Meetings Fun (Cyndi Monroe & Monica Green)
President's Workshop (Penny Babb)
     Skills & talent assessment tool
Successful Club Projects (Linda Nixon)
Treasurer's Workshop (Lori Reed)