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Golden West Region
2018 Spring Conference Resources

 Conference Actions Presentation & Workshop Materials

Business Session Actions

GWR Laws and Resolutions Committee Report Report
The Proposed Laws and Resolutions Amendments  to GWR Bylaws were accepted as amended

GWR Finance Committee Reports

2018-2019 Proposed Budget Slides and Script
The 2018-2019 Proposed Budget was adopted as presented.


GWR 2017-2019 Nominating Committee Report (Slides)
The following members were elected to serve on the 2018-2020 Board of Directors:

Governor:  Lori Reed
Governor-elect: Laurie Moses
Secretary:  Liz Glowka
Treasurer:  Margie Burke
District 1 Director:  Debra Murphy
District 2 Director:  Becky Goebel
District 3 Director:  Vanessa Liesen
District 4 Director:  Paula Adkins

Conference Photographs and Videos

 Celebration of Life  (Video)

Visit HERE to see photos from the 2018 Golden West Region Spring Conference.

Slides, Scripts & Handouts


2018 Summit Program

2018 Soroptimist Summit Summary  


2018 GWR Spring Conference Program

SIA Official Visitor:  SIA President Dawn Marie Lemonds
      We Believe in You  (Slides link to SIA website)
      We Believe in You (Script)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Monica Green
      Inspiring Women Through Soroptimism  (Slides)  

Keynote Speaker: Marcia Zielinski
      Mentoring Slides
      Mentoring (Script)

GWR 2018 Soroptimist Celebrating Success Awards  (Slides)
2018 Live Your Dream Award-Club Level Winners (Slides)

2018 GWR Club Awards  (Slides and Script)
Diamonds and Denim 2018-2020 Board of Directors Installation
      Slide Presentation and  Script
Education is the Key (2018-2020 Governor Lori Reed)  


ntoring 101: Creating a Mentoring Culture (Margie Burke & Rocki Creaser)
      Mentoring 101 Workshop Presentation  (Slides)
      Mentoring 101 Workshop Agenda 
      Mentoring 101 Handout      

Mini Dream It, Be It (Karen Saelens & Betsy Kreger))
      Mini Dream It, Be It (Slides)

PowerPoint Workshop (Dana Osborne)
      PowerPoint Workshop  (Slides)
      PowerPoint Cheat Sheet  (Handout)
      Generic Club PowerPoint Template

Discovering and Exploring: Orientation 101 (Marcia Zielinski)
     Orientation 101-Workshop Booklet
Keep Your Club Soaring (Laurie Moses & Rene Meyers) coming

Social Media: Is it a SORE Point or a SOAR Point for your club (Lori Reed)
Social Media Workshop  (Slides)
     What Makes a Post Go Viral   (Handout)
     30 Day Social Media Challenge
Critical Thinking and Respectful Conversations (Paula Adkins & Mandy Mann)
     Critical Thinking and Respectful Conversations
     Critical Thinking Worksheet   (Handout)
  Tips For Respectful Conversations
     Critical Thinking Activity Sheet
Effective Communication in Public (Marcy Decato)
      Effective Public Speaking Techniques (PowerPoint)
      Effective Public Speaking   (PDF)
      Public Speaking Will Not Kill You (Blog)